Book List: Training for Mountaineering

I love to read and learn more about training for endurance sports. Today I thought I would share my favorite training books for anyone interested in improving their endurance for running, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, etc. With the exception of Training for the New Alpinism this list is not focused on more technical climbing endeavors.

The Lore of Running, by: Tim Noakes

    This truly is an incredible, exhaustive book about running. Coming in at a bit under 1000 pages, it covers absolutely everything you need to know from history of training, to modern theories of exercise science. It also has a variety of training plans for races as short as a 10k, and up to ultramarathons.

Best if you are interested in exercise science, and enjoy reading. Otherwise it will be a bit much.

Training for the Uphill Athlete, by: Steve House, Scott Johnston, and Kilian Jornet

    This book is fantastic, in that it focuses solely on mountain running, skimo, and ski mountaineering. It also was written by some truly incredible athletes so that helps. Everything is well explained, with great visuals as well. It includes specific workouts and strategies for increasing your uphill speed, something not specifically addressed in The Lore of Running, or most other running books. 

House and Johnston also run the website, a great (and free) source of training information.

Best if you want to learn about mountain running, or other non-technical uphill pursuits.

Training for the New Alpinism, by: Steve House, and Scott Johnston

    The only book out there (that I know of) dedicated specifically towards training for alpinism, and it’s a great read. My biggest takeaway was learning strategies for integrating running and aerobic work with climbing training to be successful on technical routes on big peaks.

Even though this is the most technical book of the bunch, I would not recommend this as a training manual if you’re looking to improve your climbing grades. It is far too endurance focused to help you improve your trad climbing for example.

Best for alpine climbers who want one book to learn it all.

New Functional Training for Sports, by: Michael Boyle

    Hands down the best book on strength training I’ve ever read. Everything is broken down well, plus there are included videos to demonstrate various exercises. It has everything you need to understand the principles of strength training for athletic performance, and includes some basic training plans as well.

Best if you want to learn how to improve your strength training.


   Well there you have it, my list of favorite training books. What have you read and what do you like? Let me know, I could always use more books!

Note: None of these links are affiliate links, I don’t profit from this, they really are just great books.

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